Stockwell Square consultation

Stockwell Square proposalsRead proposals for a brand new configuration for the centre of Stockwell here:

The aim is to create “a new meeting place” for the local community, which become a catalyst for ongoing investment. The changes centre on Binfield Road.

  • Binfield Road will be realigned and repaved
  • Barclays Bikes docking station
  • New bus stop canopy and lighting in Binfield Road
  • New trees and lighting on Binfield Road

You are urged to look at the proposals in more detail. 




  1. says

    I was informed that printed ephemera regarding these proposals would be arriving by post. So far zero. The proposals are abysmal. From info I have seen it is stated that 26,000 people daily commute via STOCKWELL and not a dot or coma about adequate – indeed any – pubic toilet provision and no provision whatsoever exists at present. How will motor vehicles pass buses parked up adjacent to the Station in the narrowed centralised Binfield Road? It will cause dangerous conjestion and indeed is not necessary – VENN STREET at Clapham Common is very very different to BINFIELD ROAD and certain interests who want to do trendy Farmers Market spots in Binfield Road should just forget it. Also the plans do not make it clear how northbound traffic wanting to head onwards through South Lambeth Road will be easily able to do so and to pave off part of South Lambeth Road adjacent to the Bank and Estate Agents etc etc is utterly ridiculous. The 1957 old foto of the Binfield Road intersection was quite dignified and even had toilets. The cycle racks could easily be accomodated elsewhere nearby. These proposals are ultra trendy – especially the artworks – and disgraceful and actualy endanger bus operators. These proposals are deeply manipulative.

  2. says

    The crossroads & roundabout at Stockwell is the perfect scale to be made into a roundabout with pedestrian priority – like this and This would make it into a place rather than the transitory focus it has now.

    More opportunities for independent businesses and more people with slower traffic on foot and more cycles of every kind please.

  3. Montgomery Cheddar says

    Look, it’s November now. Can someone please nip to the printed ephemera shop and get Ian a half-pound. And a toilet.

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