Stockwell Manor School: images at Metropolitan Archives

metropolitan archives pageIt has been a while since I updated Stockwell News – nothing much has changed  and I still have too much on my plate to attend to it on a regular basis. I had thought of making it a Twitter-only site but even that is proving unworkable. If you like Twitter, follow me – @stockwellnews.

Anyway, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sharing these images of Stockwell Manor School in 1961 (it was later Stockwell Park High and is now Platanos College).

Visit the image library of Metropolitan Archives to see the images at the right size.

I’m sure many of the former pupils (or students, as they are now called, which always calls to my mind long hair and smelly tennis shoes, which I am sure is wholly inaccurate here) will be feeling nostalgic when they see this (or maybe not).

I am wondering if girls still tend to the garden outside the headmaster’s study but think I know the answer.

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