All Saints, South Lambeth Roll of Honour

All Saints Roll of Honour

This is the World War One Roll of Honour that was once displayed in All Saints Church in Devonshire Place in South Lambeth. The church was damaged during World War Two and later demolished. Devonshire Place was in the area where Landsdowne Green Estate now stands.Some of the names listed are also on Stockwell War Memorial, including two of the three Desaleux brothers (their name has been spelt incorrectly), A. H. Shopland, H. J. Kemp and S. F. Kemp and A. W. Newcombe.One woman is named: Ethel Taylor of the V.A.D. (Voluntary Aid Detachment).

Image: Many thanks to Richard Jones, great-nephew of Alfred William Newcombe.

Reminder: Tomorrow (Saturday 23 March) is the volunteer day at the Stockwell Memorial Mural – come and help brush down the old paintwork in preparation for repainting next month. 9am -3 or 4. Just turn up or email


  1. Geoff. Desaleux says

    Thank you for this. Little by little the remaining family have been able to join some of the dots together.
    Looking at Antiques Roadshow last Sunday they were asking for any stories people may may have to commenerate the Centenury of WW1, and I was thinking of mentioning the three Desaleux brother.
    Isnt there some relation to the film Saving Private Ryan? when the last surving brother was rescued. Just a thought.
    Thank you once again.

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